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SOURCES OF DATA The following are the sources of data for the present study:


Academic year: 2021

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The following are the sources of d a t a for the present study:

1, The original works of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and the important writings by other scholars on Sir Syed and Aligarh Movement.

2, Lectures and Speeches delivered by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan- the founder of the Aligarh Movement.

3, Reports of the Education Commissions and Committees, Government of India and some important books on education,

4, Survey Reports of Educational Research in Education, 5, Annual Reports of the Aligarh Muslim University, 6, J o u r n a l s ,

7, Encyclopaedias of education and social sciences, 8, Aligarh Muslim University Acts.

9, Interviews with experts in the area, METHOD OF STUDY

As far as the method and procedure of the present study is concerned, the present investigator conducted a critical, interpretative and evaluative scanning of the select original works and critical literature available on the topic.

Apart from this the investigator also used the interview method of collecting data. He approached the eminent scholars and experts in the area to collect the required information and d a t a through quite exhaustive interviews and discussions relating to the topic. The n a m e s of persons, interviewed is given in Appendix-IV,


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