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1 Library card terms and conditions

It is free of charge to borrow books and other media at all public libraries in Norrbotten. You also have access to other services such as newspapers, magazines and databases.

This is what you can borrow from all public libraries, no matter where you live:

Books, audio books, language courses, non-fiction DVDs and audio books, and newspapers on microfilm.

Library card

I order to obtain a library card you need to show an authorized identity paper with photo, and approve that the library may register your name, personal number, adress and phone number in its user records. The purpose is library administration.

Children and young adults in the ages 6 to 18 may have a library card if their parent or guardian approves their application by signing the library card application form.

Information on your current loans and reservations will be registered in the library computer system.

That means that data comprised by the Public access and information secrecy act (Offentlighets och sekretesslagen) are available to the staff in all public libraries in Norrbotten. The library staff are under obligation of secrecy and are not allowed to disclose any information or documents according to chapter 40 §3 in the Public access and information secrecy act.

There will be connected a PIN-code to your library card, so that you can renew your loans and make reservations on our internet catalog from your home. In some libraries, the PIN-code is mandatory.

By signing your library card, you approve of our terms and conditions.

Responsibility for loans

The library card is a personal document of value. This means that you are responsible for the books and other material that are registered on your card. Parent/guardian is responsible for the borrowed material of children and young adults. If you loose your library card, you must report this to the library immediately. If someone else uses your card to check out material and does not return it, you will be liable to pay for it. A replacement card may be obtained for a certain fee.


2 Loan period

Normally the loan period is four weeks. Material that is much asked for has a shorter loan period.

The due date is printed on the loan receipt. You may return the borrowed material in all public libraries in Norrbotten. You may request a receipt when you return the borrowed material, but you must tell the staff this before it’s done. It is not possible to return books that you have borrowed in other libraries than the ones included in the collaboration of the county of Norrbotten.


Books and other media may be reserved, and you will be notified when the reserved material is available for you. Reference material and some other media, such as “quick loan” may not be reserved.


If you need a longer loan period you can renew your loan. That has to be done before the due date.

Renewals can be done in the library, on the phone or on the internet catalog. The library will extend your loan period twice. You can not renew quick loan, rental DVDs or material which is reserved by another patron.

Overdue materials

The library will charge a late fee for books and other materials that are returned after the due date.

The due date is printed on the loan receipt. The fee should if possible be paid when the material is returned, othewise it will be registered on the library card. If the total of the late fee is 100 SEK or more, you will be suspended until the dept is less than 100 SEK.

There is no late fee for childrens or young adult materials or talking books. Nor is there any late fee for patrons with the service Boken kommer.

Children and young adults in the ages 6-18 will not be charged with a late fee, but their parent/guardian is responsible for compensating material that is lost or damaged.

An overdue notice will be sent around 14 days after the due date. If you still don’t return the

material, you will recieve an invoice on the value of the material and the late fee. Your library card is suspended until the invoice is paid, or the material is returned. Invoices who are not paid within due time are sent to the collection department.

If these terms and conditions are frequently violated, the right to loan may be limited for a certain time, though not more than a year.

Library notice

The library provides a notification service by text message or e-mail. You will then receive a message that your due date is up in a few days. If you wish to have this service you must notify the library.

This service is a complement to the loan reciept.


3 Fees

Late fee: 1 SEK per book and day after due date.

Maximum amount per occasion of returned material: 100 SEK Replacement card: 20 SEK

Fee for inter library loan: 20 SEK Copy of an article: 50 SEK

Inter library loan from countries outside of the Nordic countries: 150 SEK Damaged or not returned books or other media:

 Adult book 300 SEK

 Childrens book 200 SEK

 Audio book adult 300 SEK

 Audio book children 200 SEK

 Language course 500 SEK

 Newspaper on micro film 500 SEK

 Booklet, issue 50 SEK

 Non fiction DVD 300 SEK

 Non fiction audio book adult 300 SEK

 Non fiction audio book children 200 SEK

The patron may in certain cases replace the damaged or missing material with a book or CD in agreement with the library.

There may be local fees for other material than the above mentioned.

Information according to §23-25 in the Privacy protection law (personuppgiftslagen)

In order to be able to administer your library loans your personal data will be recorded in a computer program. This data is provided by you. The one responsible for the personal data must on your request alter, block out or delete any personal data that is not treated in accordance to the Privacy protection law. You have a right to be notified without charge once a year as to how your personal data is used in the management of the library.

These public libraries are part of the collaboration:

Arjeplog, Arvidsjaur, Boden, Gällivare, Haparanda, Jokkmokk, Kalix, Kiruna, Luleå, Pajala, Piteå, Älvsbyn, Överkalix och Övertorneå.

Books, audio books, language courses, fact DVDs, fact CDs and newspapers on microfilm can be borrowed from any public library of the above, no matter where you live in Norrbotten.

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