5. Sınıf İngilizce 8li Çöz Bitir - Getir Testleri

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Ad / Soyad :



Which one can’t we group under the heading of “School Subjects”?

A) science B) history

C) computer games D) maths


Which lesson is related to the picture given above?

A) Turkish B) Maths

C) P.E D) Geography


Name: Kate Perry Age: 9

Country: The U.S.A Nationality: American Job: Student

Address: Loth Road New York, The U.S.A

Which question has no answer according to the given ID card?

A) What’s Kate’s father’s name? B) How old is Kate?

C) What is her job? D) What is Kate’s address?

(4 - 6 : For these questions, choose the best option to fill in the blanks.)


... How many languages

does your sister speak?

A) She likes swimming.

B) She speaks two languages: Turkish and German.

C) She is from Britain. D) She is nine years old.


I study at Mustafa Kemal Secondary

School. ...

A) What is your favourite lesson? B) Do you like your school? C) Where do you live? D) Where do you study?




Which one is correct according to the given picture?

A) His favourite lesson is Maths. B) His favourite lesson is Art. C) His favourite lesson is Chess.

D) His favourite class is Physical Education.


Name: Ronald Waters Age: Eleven

Favourite Class: Science

Country: England

Which question has no answer according to the given information above?

A) How old is he?

B) How many languages does he speak? C) Where is he from?

D) What is his favourite class?

C) D) English Social Sciences Music P.E Maths Tuesday English Social Sciences P.E Maths Music Tuesday P.E Maths Music English Social Sciences Social Sciences Music P.E Maths English




Which one is correct according to the given pictures and symbols?

A) She likes P.E and Science. B) She likes doing experiments. C) Her favourite lesson is P.E. D) She hates Science and P.E.


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Ad / Soyad :



A lot of tourists visit Bodrum ...

According to the given picture, fill in the blank and circle the correct one.

A) Tower. B) Castle.

C) Palace. D) Mausoleum.

(2 - 8 : For these questions, choose the best option to fill in the blanks.)


The children are ... the


A) in B) on

C) behind D) in front of


Bank School Cafe

The school is ... the bank and

the cafe.

A) next to B) under

C) between D) on


People buy pencils and erasers from the ...

A) cinema. B) stationery.

C) florist. D) toy shop.


Ada likes reading books. She is at the ...


A) library B) park

C) bank D) theatre


The children are at the ... They

like swinging and running there.

A) library. B) hospital.

C) bank. D) playground.



A) toy shop B) grocer’s

C) library D) bus stop


Mum: ..., Nick?

Nick: I’m at the library, mum.

A) Do you like reading B) Where are you C) How are you today D) Who likes reading


1. florist a. medicine

2. chemist’s b. stamps and letters

3. post office c. flowers

Circle the correct matching.

A) 1 2 3 c b a B) 1 2 3 a b c C) 1 2 3 b c a D) 1 2 3 c a b C) D)


Cross the street.





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Ad / Soyad :



Sindy likes animations but Emily and Edward hates. They love movies about war. Ivan loves horror movies.

Who watches that movie?

A) Emily B) Ivan

C) Sindy D) Edward


Spiderman can lift up cars because he is ...

Fill in the blank and circle the correct one.

A) strong. B) helpful.

C) clever. D) evil.


Samantha: This movie is very funny. What kind kind of movie is it?

A) Science fiction B) Comedy

C) Fantastic D) Crime

Answer the questions (4 - 5) according to the dialogue given below.

Henry: I want to watch a film this weekend. Let’s go together.

Dennis: Sure but it shouldn’t be a drama beca-use they are really boring.

Henry: OK. What about watching a cartoon? Dennis: Sounds good but I want to watch a

science fiction movie.

Henry: I love science fiction movies. There is a science fiction movie at the Popcorn Movie Theatre.

Dennis: Cool! Let’s buy the tickets on the Net.


Dennis thinks dramas are ...

A) boring. B) good.

C) scary. D) exciting.


According to the dialogue, ... A) Dennis wants to watch a drama.

B) Henry buys the tickets from the movie theatre.

C) Dennis goes to the Popcorn Movie Theatre every Friday.

D) Henry likes science fiction movies.



C) D)


Who is scared at the cinema?

A) B)

C) D)

Which one is not appropriate for the blank gi-ven in the speech bubble?

A) boring. B) funny.

C) exciting. D) interesting.

(9 - 11 : For these questions, choose the best option to fill in the blanks.)


”Cats“ is a popular ..., there are a lot

of songs and music in it.

A) horror B) comedy

C) crime D) musical


Eda: What do you think about cartoons? Ali: ... they are funny and exciting.

A) I play B) I think

C) I love D) I hate


Bob: ... is the movie?

Tom: It is on Friday.

A) When B) How




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