Welcome to the library!

Tam metin


invik Baksida Framsida

Everyone can come to the library.

It’s free to go to the library.

It’s ok to be at the library without

borrowing anything.

Welcome to the library!





Access to computers and the Internet.

Most libraries have free WiFi.

Printers and copiers. It costs a few cents for each sheet you print or copy.

Books for children and adults in many lang- uages. Some books are easy reading. They are written in short sentences and with simple words. There are also audio books.

Newspapers in many languages from around the world. Some newspapers are on paper and some are part of a database called PressReader.

Language courses and community information. Grammar books and dictionaries.

If you cannot find books in your language, you can ask the staff for help.

Some libraries have movies, music and video games.

With a library card, you can borrow books, maga- zines or music.

It is also possible to read in the library without borrowing anything.

Talk to the staff at the library to get a library card.

Adults must show an ID to get a library card. An ID could be your LMA card or Swedish passport, driver’s license or ID card.

Patrons under 18 must get help from an adult to get a library card. It could be your mother or father, your custodian, your lawyer or the staff at your accommoda- tion centre.

It costs nothing to get a library card. But if you lose your library card, it costs SEK 20 to get a new one.

Bring your library card when you go to the library.

At the library, you can meet other people.

You can sit in the library and study.

Sometimes the library has story time for children or language cafés for adults. The library can also organise other activities. They are almost always free to attend.

Bibblo.se is the Libraries in Norrbotten’s website.

At Bibblo.se you can search for books and see what’s available at the libraries.

You can get a user account at Bibblo.se.

With a user account, you can renew what you have at home, reserve books from all over Norrbotten and bor- row eBooks.

For children and young people, the Libraries in Norrbotten have a website called


You do not need a user account on Polarbibblo.se.

On Polarbibblo.se you can write, draw, read and listen.

Texts and images can be published on the website.

Var är Noras pulka? [Where is Nora’s sled?] is a digital book for children that you can read on Polarbibblo.se. It’s availa- ble in several different languages.

This is what the library offers

Library cards You can do more than borrow books at the library

The library on the Internet

For children and young people on the Internet

The library staff is happy to answer your questions!

Borrowing books is free.

You get to keep what you borrow for a certain time. You will get a receipt that says when you have to return the book.

If you have not yet read the book, you can renew it.

If you return the book late, you must pay a fee. It is SEK 1 per day for each book that is overdue.

You do not need to pay a fee for late books if you are borrowing children’s books or are under 18 years of age.

If you do not return the book at all, you must pay for a new book.









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