[Taha Toros tarafından Flores ve McCusker'e gönderilen mektup]

Tam metin



r -S H iO

Dear Ms. Flores and Mr. McCusker:

I would like to express my appreciation

to everyone involved in the case which resulted in the recovery of my passport which was stolen from me

on Tuesday, September 18, 1984.

The kind and expeditious assistance of both of you and all others involved in the return of my passport has left me with a gratifying and favorable impression of the City of New York and the people

who work in its criminal justice system. What other­

wise might have been a distressing experience, to say the least, has been speedily cleared up and I shall return home to Turkey tomorrow with many fond memories of my 3-week visit to your lovely city.

Very truly yours,

Dictated by TAHA TOROS, the victim

Translated by Mr. Toros's daughter, Zeynep Toros Reno.


c c : Honorable Robert J. McGuire Honorable Robert M. Morgenthau




Officer Carmen Flores Transit Police Dept.

370 Jay Street

Brooklyn, New York 11201, USA

Polis HANIM CARMEN"1IN patronu:


* * * wwswwy'- - Bu kişinin patronu da Validir, /ismi ve adresi:

/Honorable Mayor Kotch, City Hall, New York, New^York ^ l 0 0 0 7 ^ U S A


John McCusker, Esq.

Assistant District Attorney District Attorney's Office

100 Centre Street, 2nd Floor

New York, New York 10007


Bu adamin patronu da:

Honorable Robert M. Morgentahua District Attorney, New York County One Hogan Place

New York, New York 10013

U . S .A.

*** Honorable Robert J. McGuire

Police Commissioner 1 Police Plaza

New York, New York 10038_ U.S .A.

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