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Armoured columns converge on Hyderabad


Academic year: 2021

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A “ state of grave emergency ” throughout India was declared

last night by the Governor-General to deal with the possibility of

internal disturbances in the Dominion after the invasion of Hyderabad

State by Indian troops early yesterday morning.

The invading forces, moving from north, south, east, and west,

have advanced deep into the Nizam ’s territory and opposition has been

encountered. The Hyderabad Government has appealed to the

Security Council to hear its complaint against India at the earliest

possible date.






From Our Own Correspondent DELHI, Sept. 13 The Indian Army entered Hyderabad State at 4 o’clock this morning from north, south, east, and west. An official state­ ment issued here says that this action was taken because the Government of Hyder­ abad had declined to accede to the Govern­ ment of India’s request to disband the Razakars (Muslim volunteers) and facili­ tate the return of Indian troops to Secunderabad for the restoration of law and order in the State.

The two main drives by Indian armoured columns upon the capital city of Hyderabad are from Sholapur, in Bombay province, due west of Hyderabad, and Bezwada, in Madras province, east-south-east of Hyderabad. Both

crush with all the weapons at your disposal any resistance met.”

Speaking to correspondents at Poona to-day, General Rajendrasinhji described the entry of troops into Hyderabad as a “ police action.” It is learned that aircraft of the Royal Indian Air Force have been in action against military targets within Hyderabad territory.


150 O \ Nizdmabad0 ^0^a*'ctn, £ Y E E R A B A D ^ t í ^Gufbaiga 9s^ underaba¿ Sholapui’ii o J @ Munaqala - N s h » V) HYDERABAD 1êM ôiiâkala G y v . MahbubnagarO p -o« c i .. .n '■■-a, o* M A- c ,0o/ •Ş&fpet JvBezwadz =¿(7926)\

In another proclamation, addressed to the people of Hyderabad, General Rajendrasinhji said : “ No law-abiding citizen of Hyderabad need fear us. We seek the cooperation of all from the highest to the humblest, Hindu and Muslim, in the fulfilment of our mission, which is not one of hostility but of friendship. All communal strife will be sternly dealt with. As soon as our task has been completed the people of Hyderabad will be given an opportunity to decide their future, as regards both their internal government and their relationship with


“ We shall be here no longer than may be absolutely necessary for the effective restora­ tion of normal conditions of life, in which every citizen may go about his business without fear, and for the establishment of a government which will maintain the rule of law and con­ form to the will of the people. Till then the administration will be carried on by my operational commander, in collaboration with the civil administrator whom the Government of India have appointed to work with me.”

The news of the invasion of Hyderabad caused much excitement in Indian cities, and the newspapers published special editions. Up to a late hour this evening there were no reports of disturbances.

News from within Hyderabad State is scanty, but it is learned that lb? agent-general for India in Hyderabad, Mr. K. M. Munshi, has been taken into protective custody by the Nizam’s Government and that his guard of 100 Indian troops has been disarmed and placed under surveillance.

these drives are along good, metalled ro ad s; the distance from the western border to the capital is 170 miles and from the eastern border

120 miles. By 11 o’clock this morning it was reported that the western column had advanced some 30 miles into the Nizam’s territory and captured the important road-rail junction town of Naldrug, where they faced “ considerable opposition ” and took two 25-pounder guns. The eastern column had taken the small border town of Bonakalu, and Indian troops from the small enclave of Munagala, some 20 miles further west, were fanning out into the neigh bouring countryside.

Subsidiary actions were from the Central Provinces town of Chanda, due north of Hyder­ abad, where the border railway station of Balharshah was captured; from the southern­ most tip of Hyderabad, where three important bricl"es across the Tungabhadra river, which forms the southern border of the State, were captured ; and from the north-west tip of the State, where Indian troops advanced 30 miles and were within sight of the railway junction of Jalna, threatening to cut off the important city of Aurungabad from the rest of the State.

The Indian troops are under the command of Lieutenant-General Rajendrasinhji, General Officer Commanding in Chief, Southern Com­ mand ; the operational commander is Major- General J. N. Choudhury. Both these officers have distinguished war records as commanders of Indian armoured regiments; the former won the D.S.O. for breaking out of El Mecheli in the Western Desert, when surrounded by Germans, and the latter took part in the cap­ ture of Rangoon.


General Rajendrasinhji said in a special order of the day to his troops: “ Hyderabad State, ruled by his Exalted Highness the Nizam is in disorder. His Government as such seems to have no authority, and lawlessness of an unprecedented nature prevails. The law- abiding population of all communities in ihe State is living in a state of terror and helpless­ ness. . • Our Government has therefore decided to restore normal conditions of security, law and order. This task is to be undertaken by the forces under my command As a preliminary measure and in pursuance of its duty, our Government has decided to canton a force in the vicinity of Hyderabad city in ¿he Indian-owned barracks at Secun derabad, Trimulgherry, and Bolarum. You will therefore triarchy into Hyderabad terri­ tory to bring back peac? and, prosperity to the law-abiding population of that State. You will





Delhi, Sept. 13.-—T h e G overnor-G eneral, M r. R ajagopalachari, to-night declared “ a state o f grave emergency ” throughout the D om inion o f India. The proclam ation declared : “ A grave em er­ gency exists w hereby the security of India is threatened bv internal disturbances.”

The proclamation is interpreted as a pre­ cautionary measure to enable the Government to deal with possible repercussions of the Hyderabad operations.

Section 102 of the Government of India Act, 1935, under which the proclamation was issued, envisages two kinds of emergencies— the first in the event of war and the second in the event of internal disturbances of a serious character. The present proclamation restricts itself to the second emergency. It empowers the Governor-General to assume full legisla­ tive powers in respect of provincial matters. It was expected that several ordinances would be issued to-morrow.—Reuter.


Pa r i s, Sept. 13.—The Hyderabad Govern­

ment to-night asked the Security Council to consider at the earliest possible date its com­ plaint against India in view of “ actual pre­ parations for imminent invasion.” The re­ quest, apparently delivered before the invasion of Hyderabad began, was circulated to Security Council members to-night.

Mr. Trygve Lie forwarded the request to the Security Council with the following note: “ The Secretary General, not being in a posi­ tion to determine whether he is required by the rules of procedure to circulate this com­ munication, brings it to the attention of the Security Council for such action as the council may desire to take.”

The Hyderabad request read : “ In view of the officially proclaimed intention of India, as announced by its Prime Minister, to invade Hyderabad, and in view of the actual prepara­ tions for imminent invasion, the Government of Hyderabad earnestly requests that the com­ plaint of Hyderabad be put on the agenda of the Security Council at the earliest possibie date, such as Wednesday, September 15. In­ vasion is bound to cause unrestrained com­ munal war throughout the Indian Continent. International peace, fundamental principles of the Charter, and the duty to prevent wide­ spread bloodshed demand immediate con­ sideration of the matter by the Security Council.”—Reuter.


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