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But for the Muslims it was a matter of becoming ruled instead of the ruler


Academic year: 2021

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In this book, the author h a s given the Hfe sketch of the distinguish personahties, who supported the AUgarh Movement and made efforts for the betterment of the MusHm Community. The author highlighting the importance of the Aligarh Muslim University said t h a t "it is the most prestigious intellectual and cultural centre of Indian Muslims".

He also explained in this book t h a t Hindus easily adopted the western education. As for Hindus, the advent of the Britishers and their emergence as the rulers were j u s t a matter of change from one master to another. For them, the Britishers and Muslims were both conquerors. But for the Muslims it was a matter of becoming ruled instead of the ruler.

Naqvi, Noorul Hasan (2001) wrote a book in Urdu entitled "Mohammadan College Se Muslim University Tak (From Mohammadan College to Muslim University)".^^ In this book he wrote in brief about the life and works of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, He gave a brief description about the supporters of Sir Syed and Aligarh Movement such as Mohsin-ul-Mulk, Viqar-ul-Mulk, Altaf Husain Hali, Maulana Shibli Nomani, Moulvi Samiullah Khan, J u t i c e Mahmud, Raja J a i Kishan Das and Maulvi ZakauUah Khan, etc.

The a u t h o r also wrote about the Aligarh Movement, the Freedom Movement and the educational planning of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. A historical development of AMU h a s also been made.

The a u t h o r h a s also given in brief about the life of some of the important benefactors of the university such as His Highness Sir Agha Khan, Her Majestry Nawab Sultan J a h a n Begum, His Holiness Maharaja Mohammad Ali Khan of


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Begum, Rehmani (1985) wrote a book entitled, "Sir Syed Ahmad Khan: The PoHtics of Educational Reform".''s in her book, she gave a detailed account of political conditions

In this book, the author wrote about the birth and family background of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Archeological history of Delhi, the Mutiny at Bijnor, Aligarh Scientific Society and