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Written Exam

Name – Surname:__________________________ Class:_______ Number:______

A) Classify the given words in the box. (20x1=20)

B) Match the questions with the correct answers. (10x3=30)

1. How often does Bernard swim? a. He is a basketball player.

2. Where does Messi live? b. I like reading books and watching movies.

3. What does your mother look like? c. Yes, she never changes her ideas.

4. What does Yiğit do in the mornings? d. Twice a week.

5. What does Jack do? e. Yes, he never tells lies.

6. What do you like doing? f. He lives in Barcelona.

7. Is he honest? g. She is slim and she has got blue eyes.

8. What kind of a sports game is it? h. It is an indoor sport.

9. What is your best friend like? i. He is generous and smart.

10. Is your sister stubborn? j. He gets up early and has a shower.

C) Complete the sentences with comparative forms of the adjectives. (5x3=15)

1. My sister is ... (hardworking) than my brother. Her grades are high. 2. Yeliz always makes jokes. She is ... (funny) than Aslı.

3. My brother is ... (tall) than me. He can put the plates to the shelves. 4. Sarah is ... (easy - going) than Susan.

Appearance 1._________________ 2._________________ 3._________________ 4._________________ 5._________________ Character 1._________________ 2._________________ 3._________________ 4._________________ 5._________________ Sports 1._________________ 2._________________ 3._________________ 4._________________ 5._________________ Equipment 1._________________ 2._________________ 3._________________ 4._________________ 5._________________


1 5. Ronaldo is ... (energetic) than Messi. He trains a lot.

D) Complete the sentences with the words in the box. (5x3=15) generous - smart - honest – stubborn – punctual 1. Tom is a ______________ person, he doesn’t tell lies.

2. Robert never changes his mind. He is very _______________. 3. Carl always comes to class on time because he is _______________. 4. Selin likes buying presents to her friends, she is _____________. 5. Mary’s grades are high because she is ______________.

E) Read the text and write T (TRUE) or F (FALSE) for the following statements. (5x4=20)

1. Brian sometimes doesn’t have breakfast. 2. He always eats healthy food.

3. He is married and has a son. 4. He gets up late in the morning.

5. Brian thinks it’s unhealthy to eat junk food.

Hi! My name is Brian and I am a football player in England. I must always train hard. I wake up at 7:00 in the morning and have a big and healthy breakfast. It’s impossible to skip breakfast for me. If you are a professional sportsman, it is important to have healthy food habits. I never eat junk food because it is unhealthy. After breakfast, I start training with my trainer at 9:00. After I train 2 hours, I take a shower and have a rest. In the afternoon, I go back to the gym because my next workout starts at 3:00 p.m. I have a snack before I start exercising. I have a bowl of yogurt or a portion of fruit. I leave the sports center at 5:00 p.m. and I go home to have dinner with my wife and son. We have a lot of friends. My wife and I sometimes meet our friends after dinner and spend some time with them. In the evening, I read a book before going to bed. I never watch TV. I go to bed at 11:00 p.m.


1 https://yazilidayim.net/




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