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 It is the oxidation reaction of the anomeric


Academic year: 2021

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12th WEEK

 Reduction of carbohydrates; picric acid test, qualitative benedict test

 Test observations and results report


 It is the oxidation reaction of the anomeric

carbon of the monosaccharides containing

free semi acetal hydroxyls to the carboxylic



 During this reaction, the sugar acts as a

reducing agent; Ag2 + removes ions such as

Hg2 +, Bi3 +, Cu2 +; such sugars are defined

as reducing sugars.


 Reductive sugar is a type of sugar that forms

aldehyde or ketone in basic solution. Such

sugars, for example, act as reductants in the

Maillard reaction or the Benedict reaction.


 Reducing sugars include fructose, glucose,

lactose, arabinose, and maltose.The ketose

monosaccharides, which are ketone groups,

and the aldehydic group are called

aldoses. Sucrose is not a reducing sugar.


Picric acid experiment

This test is based on the conversion of reducing sugars to colored picric acid.

https://koubiyokimyalab.wordpress.com/tag/pikrik asit/


Qualitative Benedict ezperiment

 It is understood by the Benedict assay whether the solution known to be a carbohydrate is reductive. With this experiment, the presence of sugar in the urine can be determined and its concentration can be determined semiquantitatively.

 Carbohydrates bearing the free aldehyde or ketone group (carboxyl group) reduce the copper ions from + 2 to + 1 due to the effect of heat in the alkaline environment and discoloration is observed. Because all of the monosaccharides have a free carbonyl group, they give a positive result in this experiment.



 The students will be able to apply the knowledge acquired during the previous week.

 In this context, students will be organized into groups of three before the study.

 Each group will be asked to perform picric acid and

qualitative benedict experiments.


 All consumables, chemicals, laboratory equipment, especially glassware, and machinery and equipment will be provided as required.

 It will be reminded that each student will

be responsible for the issues given to all

other groups within the application.


 Students will be asked to report their

observations and results within the scope

of the application to the test report

immediately given to them at the end of

their applications.


 Students will be asked to remove any material they use, and if necessary, they will be expected to help with cleaning.

 Students will be allowed to leave after

laboratory safety and cleanliness is



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 Students will be asked to report their observations and results within the scope of the application to the test report immediately given to them....  Students

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