Seeking new challenges?

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Seeking new challenges?

We can offer you a rewarding and challenging job in northern Sweden

The County Council’s vision is for residents of Norrbotten to live a rich and rewarding life in a thriving and growing region.

The County Council works to promote the well-being of the local population and is ultimately accountable to the residents of Norrbotten themselves through ordinary political elections.


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 DEVELOPMENT AND CAREER OPPORTUNITIES To do a good job, you must pos- sess the right skills. As a Norrbotten County Council employee, you will have the chance to develop in your professional role, both through skills development and through taking on more responsibility in your work.

Skills development within the County Council may involve mentoring, tutoring, networking, work experience, study visits, courses and lectures.


The County Council promotes active employeeship, which means that you as an employee take personal responsibility and are committed to your job. This will give you the chance to become more engaged and influence your duties and your working environment.


A good introduction is essential for a successful start in any job. The County Council strives to ensure that

new employees feel welcome, secure and safe in their new working environ- ment. As a new employee, you will be given an introduction to your division and unit.

Every year, you and your manager will jointly carry out a personal and professional development review. All employees must have the opportuni- ty and scope to influence the way in which their work is organised. During the review, you will jointly agree a per- sonal skills development plan for you.


The salary levels that are set during the annual pay review are intended to promote continual improvement within the organisation and engender both commitment and participation.

Salaries are individual and reflect the duties and professional performance of the County Council’s employees.


You will be entitled to 25 days’ holiday in accordance with the Swedish An-

nual Holidays Act. Virtually everyone also has an agreement which entitles them to more holiday. You will be entitled to 31 days’ holiday from your 40th birthday and 32 days, i.e. around six weeks, from your 50th birthday.


The County Council aims to inspire you as an employee to enjoy healthy activities during your spare time. You will therefore be entitled to a well-be- ing allowance of SEK 1200.

The County Council works actively with a long-term approach to create a healthy working environment and to improve the well-being and job satis- faction of its employees.


The County Council has five leisure clubs which are geographically spread across the county in each hospi- tal centre. Via these clubs, you can suggest travel and other well-being activities. You can also hire our cabin in the Björkliden mountains.


If you are covered by the Swedish social insurance scheme, you will be entitled to sick pay from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency if you are unable to work because of illness. The social insurance system is an integral part of Sweden’s welfare. The insurance covers essentially everyone who lives or works in Sweden.


If you have been continuously em- ployed for at least 365 calendar days before you begin your parental leave, you will receive a supplement equiva- lent to 10 percent of your lost pay for up to 150 consecutive calendar days.

The supplement is based on your pay as of the first calendar day of your parental leave.

 INSURANCE AND PENSIONS Norrbotten County Council employees are insured for sickness, occupational injury and death. As an employee of Norrbotten County Council, you will be covered by basic protection in the form of a retirement pension and a survivor’s pension, among other things.

Employment benefits at Norrbotten County Council





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