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Name: Surname: Class: Number: A) Read the text and tick () true or cross ()

false. (8x1=8P)

My name is Anna and I live in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. I am 16 years old and I have got two young sisters: Kate and Maggie. I have also got two dogs and a cat: the dogs’ names are Fido and Rex and the cat is Masha. Kate loves playing the guitar and Maggie loves singing. She often sings at family parties. I listen to music every day. My favourite pop group is Manga. Manga is a Turkish band. I like their songs very much and I have got all their CDs. I also like Irish folk music. I go to Irish dancing classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.

After school, Maggie often reads her books and Kate usually does her homework. At the weekend, we usually hang out with friends or go to the cinema together. We sometimes watch DVDs.

I have got photos of my family on my mobile phone. I have a nice photo of my favourite person, my Aunt Teresa. She visits us every Sunday and we sometimes play tennis together. She’s very friendly and she’s fun!

1  Kate is Anna’s aunt. 2  Anna has got three dogs. 3  Maggie sings at family parties. 4  Anna likes listening to Manga.

5  Maggie never reads books after school. 6  The three sisters never go to the cinema. 7  Anna sometimes plays tennis on Sunday.

8  Aunt Teresa comes to the girls’ house once a week. B)Answer the questions according to Anna in the text (4.3=12 P)

1.Where does Anna live ?

……… 2.Has she got any sisters or brothers?

……… 3.Has she got a pet ?

……….. 4.Who is her favorite person ?



A.Circle the odd one( 5.2=10P)

1. accountant -lawyer -butcher -chemist’s – journalist 2. Greek - French - Turkey – Spanish – İrani 3. Turn right - Put down – Go ahead – Cross – Go up 4. statue -newsagent -library – hospital –cinema 5.thriller -adventure -war – romantic – novel

B)Match the words with their definition. (5.2=10p) 1.director a.details about the story of the movie 2.scenario b.actors and actresses in the movie 3.award c.the person coordinating,writing and financing the movie

4.cast d.very successful films get this 5.actor e.the person who acts in the films C.Put the words and expression in the correct place.(8.2=16P)

*blockbuster *conservative *Carpe Diem *fantastic *overlooks coin *I hope *earn *weep

1……… means SEIZE THE DAY

2.I stay in this hotel and it ……….. a sea.

3.There is a pond in the town and everbody throws ………. into this pond.

4.…………. is a movie that is popular and makes a lof money.

5.To see you cry makes me ……… 6.………. it doesn’t rain tomorrow. 7.Our school is very modern it is not a ………….. school.

8.I love this film .It is really ………. D.Circle the correct option. (14P) 1.Where is / are / do you live ?

2.Is / Are / Has there a hospital around here ? 3.Have / Do / Are you got a sister or brother ? 4.What do/ are / is you do for living ?

5.Do / are / is there any park sor gardens in your neighboorhood ?

6.How many / often / kind of do you watch films ? 7.Would you like to coming / comes / come to cinema with me tonight ?


E.Order the dialogue.(14P)

( 1 ) Hello Brad. There is a good film on at the Moon Cinema.How about seeing it ?

( )Dead Poets’ Society.

( )Historical films are not very me.Why don’t we watch JOKER ,then

( ) OK. Let’s watch it tomorrow night ? ( ) I’d love to watch it with you.When ? ( ) See you.

( )A drama film !Personally , I prefer to watch historical and action movies.

( ) I’m sorry , I can’t, Mary , because I have piano lessons. F.Imagine you are in front of the school.Give an address to the hospital. ( At least 3 sentences ) 6P ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… ………

English Teacher English Teacher



G ) Write a short paragraph to introduce yourself. (10P)

At least 10 sentences.




“Our true mentor in life is science.”





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