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Complete hydatidiform mole with a coexisting fetus resulting from in vitro fertilization


Academic year: 2021

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Complete hydatidiform mole with a coexisting

fetus resulting from in vitro fertilization


Lin YH;Huang LW;Hwang JL



Complete hydatidiform mole with a coexisting fetus (CMCF) is a rare entity, with an incidence of 1 in 22,000-100,000 pregnancies. It is associated with many complications, including vaginal bleeding, hyperemesis gravidarum,

preeclampsia, and persistent trophoblastic disease (PTD). Delivery of a viable infant from CMCF is even rarer. We report here the seventh case of CMCF following assisted reproductive technologies (ART). It is also the third with a live birth.A 39-year-old woman came to Shin-Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital for ART. Twenty oocytes were obtained after ovarian stimulation, and

wereinseminated with 100,000 sperm/ml 6 h later. Ten oocytes were fertilized, and one 5-cell embryo and three 4-cell embryos were transferred on day 2. The woman became pregnant after 2 weeks, and an ultrasound scan revealed an embryo with heartbeat at 7 weeks. She received an amniocentesis at 16 weeks because of advanced age, which revealed 46, XY. At 18 weeks, she was

admitted because of heavy vaginal bleeding. Ultrasound showed a normal growing fetus and partial placenta previa. A heterogeneous mass measuring 3.8 x 2.1 cm with some cystic echoes was seen beside the placenta, which was thought to be a hematoma..


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