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8. Sınıf İngilizce 8'li Çöz Bitir - Getir Testleri


Academic year: 2021

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Ad / Soyad :


(1 - 2 : For these questions, choose the correct option to fill in the blanks.

Kevin: I am a stuntman. To be honest, being a

stuntman is risky. You can get injured, get burnt, cut or fall while performing. And also life on a film set is very challenging. The days are long, sometimes you climb on an icy mountain or perform in a desert.

I sometimes have to repeat the action many times. When something doesn’t go well, they are re-shot the scene so the crew should be careful, too. There are lots of bad sides of my job but I love being a stuntman.

What is Kevin’s profession?

A) B)

C) D)

Kevin thinks ………...………..

A) performing in a desert is easier. B) working at the set is boring. C) working hours should be longer. D) being a stuntman is dangerous.

I prefer archery. ...

Archery or golf?

Fill in the blank given in the speech bubble and circle the correct one.

A) Which sports do you prefer doing? B) Why do you prefer archery? C) Do you prefer trying archery? D) What do you need for archery?

James: I‘d like to try bungee jumping.

Matt: I think you haven’t tried it before.You are


James: Right.

Matt: You need a / an ……...……….. for it.

He can show you everything.

Which one can we fill in the blank with?

A) adrenaline B) instructor

C) courage D) speed



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Ad / Soyad :


Hi, I’m Dennis. I come from Birmingham, UK. My birthday is on March 17. I usually watch comedy movies and I like listening to jazz. My favourite singer is Dianne Reeves.

Which question can’t be answered?

A) What type of music does Dennis listen? B) When is Dennis’ birthday?

C) Where is Dennis’ hometown? D) What is Dennis’ favourite movie?





Who likes going skating on Sundays?

A) Oliver B) Linda

C) Bob D) Sandy

Samantha: Would you like to have some


Pierre: No, thanks. ………...…………

Fill in the blank and circle the correct one.

A) I’m hungry. B) Yeah, why not? C) Sure, they are great. D) I’m stuffed.

There is a new play at Sun Theatre. You would like to watch it with your best friend.

What do you say to invite him / her?

A) What type of plays do you like? B) Do you like plays?

C) Shall we go to the new play together? D) How about going to the shopping mall?

Your friend invites you to the concert on Sun-day but you have an exam on MonSun-day.

What do you say to refuse your friend?

A) I am sorry but I can’t.

B) Why not? This idea sounds fun. C) That would be great.



Answer the questions (6 - 8) according to the Whatsapp conversation.

Best Buddies


Why don’t we go to the cinema tonight?


OK, let’s buy the tickets.


Sure, that sounds awesome.


I’d love to but I feel ill.


I’m sorry but we have visitors for tonight.


Sure, that sounds fine.


Who is the inviter?

A) Anetta B) Jimmy

C) Ritz D) Simon

Lian and Anetta …...………..

A) don’t make excuses. B) don’t accept the invitation. C) don’t refuse the invitation. D) invite their friends.

Who will join Simon for tonight?

A) Jimmy and Ritz B) Anetta and Lian C) Ritz and Lian D) Lian and Jimmy

Dorothy likes watching films about imaginary future, especially about space, travel or other planets.

Which ticket belongs to Dorothy?


















Diane: I’m planning a surprise party for Janet.

Marilyn: That’s great! I promise I won’t tell it

to anyone.

Diane: Thanks, I know you always ……….

Fill in the blank and circle the correct one.

A) don’t mind me. B) tell lies. C) keep secrets.


Which one isn’t mentioned in the invitation card? A) Event B) Date C) Receiver D) Sender

Old friends come together because


A) there is an organization for old friends. B) their teachers want to see them. C) they don’t like having parties.

D) they always come together on Sundays.

Dear Ann,

I’d like to invite you to “Get Together Party” of old friends. I hope you can join and make the occasion more memorable.

Love, Anita

Time : 06:00 p.m. to 08:00 p.m. Day : Wednesday

Place : Green Schools

P.S. : For more information Helen Wilson (Science teacher)

Old Friends’ Day





Andrew: I like meeting my friends at the

weekends. We like spending time together. We sometimes meet on weekdays and go cycling but at the weekends we often play basketball or go to the cinema.

Which picture doesn’t represent Andrew and his friends?

A) B)

C) D)

(14 - 16 : For these questions, choose the best option to fill in the blanks.)


Steve: I have many friends but I ………. Matt

mostly. Because he is an honest boy. He never tells lies and he always keeps our secrets.

A) laid back B) count on

C) backs me up D) back up


Matt: I am going to see Kevin. Would you like

to come with me?

Sam: Why not? ……….

Matt: In front of the Italian restaurant. We

want to eat pizza together. A) Why do you invite me? B) Who will you eat out with? C) Where are you going to meet? D) What time should I be there?


James: What are you doing this evening?

... and chit chat at a cafe?

Mary: Yeah, that would be awesome. What

time shall we meet ?

James: At 08 p.m.

Mary: OK, then. See you there.

A) Would you like to watch a film at home B) Why don’t you stay at home

C) Shall we have a picnic

D) Would you like to drink something


Laura: The weather is fabulous. ………


Stella: Sure. That sounds fun.

Which one can’t we fill in the blank with?

A) Would you like to come over to my house B) How about trying skateboarding

C) Why don’t we organize a barbecue party D) Why don’t we have a picnic


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