Getting Started with Skype


Make voice calls and video calls with Skype on your TV. Select Skype feature from the portal section to start conversation.

Follow the on secreen instructions for operating the related features.


• Connect directly your supported webcam to the USB port on your TV.

• If the camera is not working properly, switch off and unplug the TV. Connect your camera again.

• As soon as TV is turned off, Skype disconnects.

• Voice level and sound quality are affected by environmental noise.

• Call quality can change with accordance wireless connection.

• Please visit to learn more information and Terms of Use about Skype.

• If Skype is deleted, saved information (History and Options) is deleted.

• The TV must be connected to a network for Skype connection.

• The ring bell rings when someone calls to you while you watch the TV or operate the Skype application.

• Only Skype version 4.2 or greater is supported on Windows-based PCs.

• Only Skype version 5.0 or greater is supported on Macintosh PCs.

• Not supported on Linux-based PCs

• A warning message will be displayed if a new software is found while Skype is starting.

Note : When you turn on the Tv and If there is no users is defined for Skype, the message appear on the secreen as side.

Licence Notification

Skype is a trade mark of Skype or its related companies. This product/application has not been approved or endorsed by Skype, Skype Communications S.a.r.l. or any of their related companies.

Sign In & Sign Up Now

Create an account if you don’t have a Skype account with this menu. If you already have a Skype account, enter name and password correctly. Select Sign in and press OK.

If you have a Skype account and you forgot your password, press the Red button to view reset password screen.

After successfully entering to your account contact list dialog will be displayed.

You can review your contact list on the right side of the screen. Your Skype name and mood message and your camera preview(if connected) will be displayed on the left hand side of screen.

Adding a contact

By pressing the button select Search Contacts option. Enter full name, skype name or email address to find and add.

Use remote control or virtual keyboard to enter keyword.

Skype history can be seen in this section. To view recent history option, use p+ and p- buttons. To delete conversation press the Red button. When you pressed OK button , contact review will be displayed. Also Profile information can be displayed in this section.

Recent history

Incoming call

Outgoing call

Missed call

Icon meaning


Select a person from contact list screen and press OK. Choose an action from the list and then press OK to start selected process. Voice and video call is ready for your use.

If available you will see the thumbnail view of yours and other person’s.

Help bar

Your contact list

(Press Ok to use video&voice call) Select a Menu by pressing the button.

Online status Account Name, mood message and profile picture.

While conversation is activated, you can mute microphone or hold the person on the line. To end of the call press the Red button.

Dialing Phones

Call phones option is available if you have Skype Credit. Please buy the credit firstly. Afterward please select a country then enter a phone number which is you want to call.

Entered telephone number can be saved by pressing Yellow button. Press Green button to start conversation .

Incoming call dialog is shown when you are logged into Skype and other user initiates Skype call.

A small dialog box will appear in lower right corner of TV screen whether user watches TV or is browsing through Skype. Use the remote control button and choose your action.

Incoming call


All your Skype settings can be changed by using Settings menu. Please use P+ and P- buttons on the remote control to move up or down. Please select an option firstly. Change the selected option by pressing the navigation buttons.

In about section, please find the Skype terms and conditions.

Please read this notice carefully.

Vestel Smart Center

Getting Started

To enable wi-fi/wired feature, profiles should be configured properly. To use wi-fi connection, please plug in the Wi-Fi dongle (sold separately) to one of the USB ports or connect your network cable properly.

Please be sure the Tv and tablet PC are connected on the same network. Plug a USB device for PVR operation.

Multilanguage audio support and subtitle on/off feature does not functional.

To activate this feature, please change DLNA Renderer as Enable from other settings menu.

Press the Q-Menu button to display Quick menu on the screen. Select Follow Tv option and press OK to activate.

If there is no device is connected with your Tv and then a warning message will be appeared.

Your TV is ready to connect your handheld device now.

Please install Vestel Smart Center application to your handheld (tablet PC etc. ) device .

If all connection is configured properly you will see your Tv’s name on your handheld device. Select your Tv from the list.

If you want to pause the live Tv, press Pause button whenever you want. Timeshift will start in a few second. If you want to watch this video on your handheld device please press Red button.

Hendheld device (tablet PC) screen


You can launch portal application from the left side on your handheld device (Internet connection is required). To use smart remote feature, open dialog box and slide left/right or up/down on your device.

To view a photo on your TV, tap to MediaShare feature and select the picture and tap on it. Slide your finger to the Tv figure on the device screen to view picture on the Tv screen.

When you tap to play icon for Follow Tv feature, your device will try to connect to the Tv and if connection is done you will watch video content on your device.

To disable this feature, press Q-Menu button and disable Follow Tv feature.

You never miss your favourite movies or football matches with this application.

You can easily watch live channels on your tablet pc via the your smart TV.

Also you can launch your portal applications or you can use your TV with smart remote control.

If you want to share a photo, you can use MediaShare swipe function.

Note : If this feature applicable on your TV.

Follow TV function provides you to watch live DVB channels from another handheld device (tablet pc etc.).


1. Vestel Smart TV (with Follow Me TV feature) 2. Network connection

3. Tablet PC (Android OS 3.0 or higher version) 4. Vestel Smart Center app.

5. Vitamio plugin app.

6. Router modem

7. USB storage device (for PVR)

(Applications should already installed on your device) Recommended tablet pc features

10.1” 1280 x 800 16:10 aspect ratio


” Teletext / Mix: Activates teletext mode when pressed once. Press again to place the teletext screen over the programme (mix). Pressing again will quit the teletext mode.

“BACK” Index: Selects the teletext index page.

“I” Reveal: Shows hidden information (e.g. solutions of games).

“OK” Hold: Holds a text page when convenient. Press again to resume.

“ ”/ “ ” Subcode Pages: Selects subcode pages if available when the teletext is activated.

P+ / P- and numbers (0-9): Press to select a page.

Note: Most TV stations use code 100 for their index pages.

Your TV supports both FASTEXT and TOP text systems. When these systems are available, the pages are divided into groups or topics. When FASTEXT system is available, sections in a teletext page will become colour-coded and can be selected by pressing the coloured buttons. Press a coloured button that corresponds to with your needs. The coloured writings will appear, showing you which coloured buttons to use when TOP text transmission is present. Pressing “ ” or “ ” commands will request the next or previous page respec tively.

Digital Teletext (for UK only)

• Press the “ ” button. The digital teletext information appears. Operate it with the coloured buttons, cursor buttons and OK button.

The operation method may differ depending on the contents of the digital teletext. Follow the instructions displayed on digital teletext screen.

When the “ ” button is pressed again, the TV returns to television broadcasting.