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Read the following situations and write what you would say in the blank turns in the dialogues.

1. You work at a hotel as a housekeeper. It’s almost the end of your work period. You have known your supervisor for four months. You visit your supervisor in his office. You want to leave work a week earlier than your work end date. Here is a dialogue between you and your supervisor:

You: Do you have a minute, Chris?

Supervisor: Yeah, come on in.

You: _____________________________

Supervisor: Well, I think that’s okay. It’s the end of the season, and we don’t welcome a lot of visitors. However, you were supposed to provide us with a 2-week notice before your end date.

You leaving early would put the hotel in a difficult position if we were welcoming more visitors.

2. You arrive in the USA. You need to call your sponsor to register in SEVIS, but you don’t have a SIM card that works in the USA. You go to the Human Resources (HR) office. It’s the first time you talk to the HR manager. You want to use their phone. Here is a dialogue between you and the HR manager:

You: Hello. I am a work and travel participant from Turkey.

HR Manager: Hey, welcome. Is there anything I can help you with?

You: _________________________________________

HR Manager: Sure. The phone is over there.

3. Your friends are going to San Francisco this weekend, and you want to go with them.

However, you have to be at work. You have a new supervisor and you don’t know him well.

You want to have the weekend off so you can join your friends. Here is a dialogue between you and your supervisor:

You: Good evening, Chris.

Supervisor: Good evening. How is it going?

You: Fine, thanks. What about you?

Supervisor: Great!

You: __________________________________________________

Supervisor: Well, we are quite busy this weekend, and this week’s schedule has already been announced. Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate your request.

4. It’s the end of the day and you see your supervisor leaving the building. Your home is very close to the supervisor’s house. You have known your supervisor for some time. You want to ask him to give you a ride. Here is a dialogue between you and your supervisor:

You: Hey, Chris. Are you leaving?

Supervisor: Yeah.

You: ____________________________

Supervisor: Sure. Let’s go.

5. You go to a restaurant to have dinner. The table seems a little dirty. You want to ask the server to get the table cleaned. Here is a dialogue between you and the server:

Server: Welcome. What would you like?

You: ______________________________

Server: Oh, sorry about that. I’ll get the table cleaned right away.

6. You work as a housekeeper at a large hotel. Your supervisor divided the housekeepers into groups and you are the group leader. One of your group members, Monika, left work early because she was sick. You have a close relationship with the housekeepers in your group. You want to ask one of them to clean 5 more rooms today. You don’t want to sound bossy or impolite. Here is a dialogue between you and the housekeeper:

You: Hey, how are the things coming along?

Housekeeper: Pretty good, thanks. Nearly done.

You: Oh great. _________________________________

Housekeeper: That’s ok. I’ll finish here and come and help with the other rooms.

7. You work at a hotel restaurant as a busser, and you share your housing with an American working there. Your roommate’s 15-year old brother Cameron stays with you for a few days.

The house is a little messy and you don’t have time to clean because you need to go to work.

Your roommate is also at work. You want to ask your roommate’s younger brother to clean the house. Here is a dialogue between you and Cameron:

You: You’re staying home today, Cam?

Cameron: Yes, I don’t have any plans.

You: _______________________________________________

Cameron: You mean the whole house? Okay, I’ll do it.

8. You stay in a dorm during your work and travel experience. There is one lady you’ve known for some time. She is working in the dorm. You go to the front desk. You want to have an extra blanket. Here is a dialogue between you and the lady:

You: Hey!

Lady: Hello, how may I help you?

You: ___________________________

Lady: Sure. Just a minute.

9. It’s your first day in the US. You are bored because you don’t know anyone. You see two Romanian Work and Travel participants going to the beach. You want to join them. Here is a dialogue between you and the Romanian Work and Travel participants:

You: Hey, what’s up?

Andrei: Not much. We are going to the beach.

You: _________________________________________

Andrei: Yeah, sure. Do you have a swimsuit?

10. You don’t have enough money to pay this week’s rent, which is $150. You want to borrow that much from your close Polish friend, Victoria. You visit Victoria at her house. Here is a dialogue between you and Victoria.

You: I need to pay the rent today.

Victoria: I’ve already paid mine.

You: _______________________________________

Victoria: I’d love to help, but I don’t have that much money.

11. You stay in a dormitory. You don’t get along with your roommate and want to move to your close friend Debby’s room. Unfortunately, Debby already has a roommate from Bulgaria. You don’t know Veselina very well and you see her at the dorm. You want to ask Veselina to change rooms. Here is a dialogue between you and Veselina

You: Hey, excuse me. Do you have a minute?

Veselina: Yeah. Sure.

You: _________________________________

Veselina: I’ m sorry, but I really don’t want to change my room.

12. Your roommate, Diana from the Philippines, is leaving the house to go shopping. You have shared the same room for two months. You want to ask Diana to buy a tube of toothpaste for you. Here is a dialogue between you and Diana:

Diana: I am going to Walmart. Do you need anything?

You: _____________________________

Diana: Sure.